Summer Foot Complaints

Jun 18, 2014
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With temperatures rising, school ending and sunshine starting earlier and lasting longer, we start to make plans on how to deal with Summer.

Summer Foot Complaints

With temperatures rising, school ending and sunshine starting earlier and lasting longer, we start to make plans on how to deal with Summer. In preparation for the summer months I want to address the common foot complaints in the summer months.


With increasing temperatures, close-toed shoes find their way to the closet and flip-flops, sandals and open-toed shoes take center stage. These shoes provide very little support to the foot’s arch and little cushion to the heel and ball. After walking miles at a concert, carnival or other summer event the arch fatigues putting more stress and strain on the plantar fascia. Plantar Fasciitis or Heel pain is caused by the constant collapse of the arch during prolonged walking or standing. This stretching causes swelling, inflammation and pain. Supportive shoes are recommended even at outdoor events where flip-flops are more commonly used.


Ingrown toenails are usually caused by the shape of the toenails and toes or improper trimming if the toenails. However, in the summer we see an increase in infected ingrown toenails based more on summer activities and toenails being open to the elements. Barefoot walking around the pool, park and beach can take what would normally be a minimally ingrown toenail and turn it into an infected toenail.
Fresh water and sea water are full of bacteria that would love to nestle into an irritated ingrown nail bed and create havoc. Chlorinated pool water is usually lower in bacteria but the area around pools (bathrooms, showers, lockers, patios) are not safe environments for ingrown nails. Treatment for infected ingrown toenails is simple, we painlessly cut out the ingrown border of the nail.

Toenail removal below-viewer discretion advised.



I know it is laughable, but in Houston this really is a very common complaint. Snake bites and bug bites to the barefoot in the grass occurs more often than you might think. Snake bite? Quickly seek medical advice at a local Emergency Room or Urgent Care. Free standing ER’s offer a very quick and convenient alternative to a long drawn out hospital visit. Ant or bug bites can often benefit from oral benadryl and topical cortisone cream.


One of the biggest complaints from patients in the summer months is that of dry, cracked heels. Sure, wearing flip flops 24/7 all summer contributes to the dryness, but many suffer from chronic dry heels regardless of what shoes they wear. Some have tried moisturizing creams and lotions and the old tricks involving saran wrap and vaseline, without satisfactory results.

Summer Foot Complaints

Many women are familiar with the concept of chemical peels and microdermabrasion therapy for the treatment of common facial aesthetic complaints. Chemical peels remove superficial skin layers and the blemishes found within them, leaving the face with underlying maturing skin cells. This results in a smooth, fresh look and feel.

A new innovative company, Baby Foot, has introduced a chemical peel for your feet! A combination of 17 all natural extracts which exfoliate the soles of your feet. In essence, a chemical peel for your feet. It is a one hour application, and the results can last for 6-8 weeks.

After a Baby Foot treatment I recommend using a keratolytic cream like Kera-42 to remove any residual dry skin.

Summer Foot Complaints


So this summer, take advantage of the longer days, the warm evenings, the time with family and friends and don’t let foot pains interfere with your Blue Bell ice cream filled Summer!

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